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About Dr. Calde

I am a Psychologist Resident in private practice, registered with the state of Oregon and  working under the supervision of Roger Carlson, Ph.D. I have been working in the psychology field since 1998. Although I primarily use a CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) approach to therapy, I also know that different perspectives can be useful for different people and problems. Ultimately, I am a therapist who wants to be as efficient as possible in her work while providing a safe, welcoming place for people to open up about the challenges they face.

I have general practice with three specialties: perinatal psychology (pregnancy and postpartum issues), anxiety treatment, and hypnosis. Still, my understanding of different problems of living is constantly growing. I have many interests in the field of psychology and enjoy educating myself about mental health and ways to help people feel better.

My earliest experiences includes volunteering at a rape crisis center and working as a research assistant in a lab investigating stress and social support in women with metastatic breast cancer. I’ve also provided individual, group, and couple therapy as well as psychological testing services to children and adults in a variety of settings, including:  an urban community clinic, an inpatient hospital for those at risk for hurting themselves or others, a clinic that provided low-cost therapeutic and testing services for adults and children, a women’s prison, and most recently, my private practice. I’ve also been facilitating support groups for a local non-profit, Baby Blues Connection (BBC). This year I will continue my volunteer work with them, talking to medical professionals and other organizations about perinatal mood disorders and services offered by BBC.

I can be seen driving a minivan in the Portland, Oregon area, while rocking out to loud music with my spouse and kids (or by myself). I love my family and my career and find that work-life balance is an ongoing pursuit. The calm of yoga and the energy of Zumba both help me to manage stress, as does self-hypnosis, time with my spouse, and a good book.

My professional web page has more information about me and my specialties:


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